Why us?

Hire senior pre-vetted remote AI and Web 3 developers matched to you

We save your time from bad hires by connecting you with our trusted global remote developers.

1. Requirement

Share us the position(s) to be filled, the technical needs and budget


2. Interview

We will arrange interviews for you and short-listed developers


3. Offer

Send your job offer to your desired developer


How we screen Proxa Developers

Profile Screening

We access developer’s background and experience.



Our interviewers access the technical and behavioural skills of the developers.


Final Review

Our review team will make sure the developer pass all the vetting process and fit the clients’ needs.


Developer Onboarding

We onboard new Proxa Developers by welcoming them, setting expectations and answering their questions.


Regular Review

We continuously review and update Proxa developers’ skills and projects to ensure our quality standard is met by them.

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